About Lizzy

I have been drawing and painting most of my life and can usually be found with a brush or pen in hand. I graduated from University of Louisville with a BA in Art History. 

I am a representational painter mixing expressionistic and somewhat imagined ideas together. I spend most of my time painting both in the studio and outdoors En plein air. 

Painting for me is all about the emotion I get from a subject and can give back to the viewer in a way that draws you in for a momentary experience and take you on a journey. 

“ I strive to capture the essence of my subjects through my own thoughts and emotions.  

As an artist, I engage with the world by exploring and interpreting both my own experiences and emotions and how I view others through my paintings. 

The way I process involves immersing myself in the world around me, observing and analysing the subtle nuances of everyday life.

Thank you for stopping by.